What is reality?

Reality is that which is permanent and unconditioned.  Buddha called reality Nibbāna.  The experience of reality is achieved by purifying the mind of ignorance, ill will and greed.  Purity of mind is accomplished by cultivating internal stillness and silence, and wisdom.  The wise and quiet mind is achieved through the training in wholesome faculties of mind; such as, mindfulness, concentration, loving-kindness, patience, acceptance, letting go, generosity and service.

The main focus of spiritual practice is to experience reality.  

There are sublime experiences which correspond with the view that reality and our essence has the characteristics of pure consciousness, loving-kindness, happiness and wisdom (there are probably other characteristics as well).   Thoughts, ideas, perceptions, physical sensations, feelings are contents of consciousness and are distinct from pure consciousness.  Contents of consciousness are impermanent while pure consciousness is permanent.  Waking “reality” is composed of contents of consciousness just as a night-time dream is composed of contents of consciousness; therefore, it is postulated that waking “reality” is similar to a dream.