Directions to the Center

The location of Kalyāṇa-Mitta Meditation Center is 122 Arlington Street, Unit B, Asheville, NC 28801. It is upstairs in a beige colored house.  Drive down to the end of the driveway that is adjacent to Kuai Acupuncture Clinic (114 Arlington St.), the house is behind the Clinic.  Park your car in the area that is on the right side next to the house.

Coming from Charlotte St:

Turn onto Arlington St. and continue to drive up the hill past the stop sign.  You will see Dr. Kuai Acupuncture Center to your right, with a wooden arrow sign that says Acupuncture.  Directly after that you will see a small parking lot with room for about 3 cars.  Directly next to that is a little road, turn right on the road and go all the way down to the very back house.  Park alongside the house and you will see Unit B.

Coming from Town Mountain Road

If you are coming from Town Mountain Road turn onto Cameron St.  Shortly after turning onto the street and directly after a curved turn, it will become Arlington St.  Almost immediately on your left will be a driveway.  If you pass Dr. Kuai Acupuncture Center than you have gone too far.  Follow the driveway all the way to the end.  When you reach the end park alongside the house to your right.  You will see Unit B.