Kalyāṇa-Mitta Meditation Center

122 Arlington Street, Unit B, Asheville, NC 28801

Mission Statement of Kalyāṇa-Mitta Meditation Center

Spiritual friend is the translation of  “kalyāṇa-mitta” in the Pāli language.  “Kalyāṇa” means lovely or beautiful and “mitta” means friend.  The meaning of “kalyāṇa” refers to beautiful inner qualities, such as: faith, loving-kindness, compassion, virtue, generosity, and wisdom.  A Spiritual Friend is one who radiates loving-kindness and thereby connects with all sentient beings.

Our mission is to provide a refuge for anyone, regardless of religious affiliations or beliefs.  To be with spiritual friends, learn and practice the teachings of the Buddha, participate in group meditation and chanting.  The Resident Monk, trained in the Theravada Buddhist Thai Forest Tradition, is available to answer questions and teach the fundamentals of Buddhism.