Services Offered

  • Sitting meditation is held everyday at 6:30AM and 5:30PM.  After meditation, Ajahn Kumāro is available to answer questions and discuss the Dhamma.
  • The days of the full moon, new moon and the two half moons are called in Pāli: The Uposatha, and is a Buddhist day of observance.  A lunar calendar is available at  Ajahn Kumāro will perform the ceremony of giving the eight precepts on the full and new moon days after the 5:30PM meditation.  You may elect to take the five precepts instead of the eight and may determine to keep the precepts as long as you see fit (one night, a week, a lifetime, etc).
  • Introduction to Meditation Workshop on the first Sunday of each month between 11:00AM and 1:00PM.  The workshop will provide instruction and practice for sitting and walking meditation.  There will also be an opportunity to ask questions and discuss the Dhamma.
  • A recording of a Dhamma Talk from an experienced Thai Forest Teacher will be played on the third Sunday of each month.  Sitting meditation starts at 4:30PM and the Dhamma Talk will be played afterwards.  Please sign up on Meet-Up or send an email if you are planning to participate.
  • There is a Library at the Meditation Center.  You may browse for books to borrow at 5:00PM and check out the books for three weeks.


Locations for Group Meditation

The location for Group Meditation is at the Kalyāṇa-Mitta Meditation Center, 122 Arlington Street, Unit B, Asheville, NC 28801.  If you wish to offer a location to have group meditation please send an email to