What are the negative emotions and thoughts experienced during meditation?

The negative emotions and thoughts experienced during meditation are somewhat like dreams or visions, symbols that originate from the personal and collective unconsciousness and are experienced in the ego consciousness.1  These symbols are messages that are to be interpreted in order to understand what they are trying to express for healing and growth.

There is also an emotional outburst of a metaphorical child that is located in the personal unconscious.  This child-like structure is expressing past and present suffering, perhaps due to insufficient love, attention, affection; and may also be complaining of mistreatment, abuse, etc.

Healing the mind may be accomplished in the following manner.  First, the child within is acknowledged, respected, listened to; and by no means should one suppress, deny or ignore the voice of the hurting child.  Then one is to soothe and calm the cries within with love, attention and assurance, that the child is heard and seen, known and not forgotten, and will be taken care of.  Be present with the child, hold the child in your mind, imagine healing light soothing the child within.  This child is part of the emotional body, feelings is the language that is used to communicate with the child.  Feel and love the child within.  Concepts, ideas and logical thinking cannot reach the inner child, only the language of emotional love can sooth and heal.

Footnote 1: See the question ‘What is the human mind?’ for a Jungian explanation.