What is right view?

Supramundane right view (sammā-diṭṭhi) is the understanding and realization of the Four Noble Truths. 


Mundane right view is defined as follows:

A. That one is the owner of the kamma one makes.

B. There is moral significance in:

  1. giving alms,
  2. large offerings,
  3. small gifts,
  4. result and fruit of well-done and ill-done kammas,
  5. what is done to one’s mother,
  6. what is done to one’s father,
  7. there are beings of instantaneous rebirth,
  8. there is this world,
  9. there is another world, and
  10. there are samaṇa (religious recluse) who have realized the truth regarding this world and other worlds.

C. Recognition and relative understanding of the Four Noble Truths.


Right view is one of the eight path factors in The Noble Eightfold Path.  Each of the eight path factors reinforce each other and are developed simultaneously.  Right view is not the first or most important path factor, all eight path factors are equally important.