What is a suitable livelihood?

Questions concerning what is suitable for livelihood is best answered by the heart and not strictly by financial concerns.  The heart is non-conceptual intuition, an emotional and wise voice.

Place faith in what the heart is trying to say above the insecure voice that values material security.  Trust that material comfort will follow after obeying the heart; it is not easy to surrender to the quiet voice but it is the way to be happy.

So how is one to know what the heart is saying?  Be still and quiet as much as you can and patiently wait for a recurring message or sign, without expecting anything at all.  The message or sign may come in your dreams, or while meditating a feeling or emotion will persist, a strong urge may develop to pursue an interest.  Some event or person may enter into your life which suggests or reinforces an inclination.  What is most important is to not hurry into any direction or make any rash decision until you feel in your bones what you must do.  Also, it is important to act without hesitation once you know what you must do.  It is better to error on patience than on being impetuous.