Should a generous and kind person put constraints on their generosity?

Lord Buddha recognized that good kind people sometimes and not infrequently, place limitations on how their donations are to be utilized.  The Buddha taught that it is acceptable and can be expected that Donors place limitations on their generosity; for example, a Donor may stipulate that they will provide medicine for a specific period of time or food during the Rains Retreat.  The Donor that is placing limitations on their donation must make known to the recipient of their generosity at the time of their donation, what the items they are donating and for what period of time.  It is also acceptable for the Donor to place no time span on when the donations can be used or the specific nature of the donation; for example, food (without specifying the type of food) will be provided as needed.  What is important is to communicate and be clear in what the donations are and when the donations will be provided.