How does a well trained mind affect the environment?

What you perceive is the inclinations, views and desires of the mind.  If the mind is plagued by fear then it will perceive that others are a threat and may resort to violence.   If the mind sees only the good in others and has loving-kindness for all beings then such a mind will only perceive the holiness in others and in oneself; there would be peace, fearlessness and joy for such a mind would dwell in a heavenly realm.

All beings occupy their own unique realm.  Perception is conditioned by what the mind wants to see.  Wisdom and compassion are two wings of a bird in flight around the sun (pure consciousness).  Those with a well trained mind teach with wisdom and out of compassion to those who are confused and perplexed by suffering.  The individual realms are interconnected and that is how beings affect each other.

A well trained mind in loving-kindness and harmlessness, metaphorically radiates at a frequency higher than a mind plagued with ill will and greed.  The well trained mind with adequate concentration and energy can help lift a defiled mind to a higher state.  This is how a well trained mind can bring peace and happiness to society.